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Hi all … I was sitting down looking at a few of my things I have just brought from my primark trip. (Oh by the way the primark in Manchester is amazing!) Okay so Sophie and I went into primark to mainly get nightclothes, we both have a thing for nightclothes, and of course ended up with more than just one thing. 

The first thing I did when I came home was admire my new purchases and this is how I came up with my 5 favourite things …

1) Nightclothes … Ahh nightclothes are my life!! I like every colour, any style, the girlier the better! Love love love … They make me sleep better knowing I have lovely nightclothes on 🙂 (my primark purchase and 100% cotton)


2) My second love is for this Chloe perfume my mum brought for me for my wedding, but because I had so many already I kept it in its packaging until a few months ago when I finally took it out and I haven’t put it down since! I love the smell!


3) I have always loved pinky toned blushers, but recently on our way back from Thailand I took a look around the Mac counter and ended up with a few bits and bobs :-). One of which was a beautiful peachy coloured blush called Peachykeen. I have worn it everyday and I think it gives a beautiful colour on my cheeks with a lovely sheen.


4) Zara! I LOVE Zara, I’ve realised since I have started to wear the hijab that they have such hijab friendly clothing, lovely materials, amazing styles and just so modest! It is now definitely my favourite shop!


5) I really love hijab pins honestly they make a hijab so put together. The ones I have are from ‘pins.up’ on Instagram they are hand made and are sooo pretty! They just a little bit of elegance and class and I really like them.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my 5 favourite things 🙂

What are your favourite things?

~~~ Sarah ~~~


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