Nars Kabuki Yachiyo Brush 

I have always followed blogs, YouTube videos and continuously find myself lusting after something beauty or fashion related that ‘I must have in my life’.
The beauty product I stumbled across which was raved about by many beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus was the infamous Nars Kabuki Yachiyo Brush …

This oriental, unique looking blush brush, with its hand-spun black wisteria handle, is inspired by traditional Japanese beauty rituals. It is said the tapered dome head of the Kabuki Yachiyo Brush makes it excellent for defining the cheekbones and highlighting the complexion. It is on the higher end of the price bracket for a make up brush and I wouldn’t usually spend so much on a brush but something about it intrigued me.

What do I think? Is this much raved product worth the amount paid ?
Well I have to admit the application of the Yachiyo Brush is incredible! It manages to deposit just enough product and blends effortlessly into the skin – giving the perfect blushed cheek. I believe this is due to the tapered edge of the brush which picks up just the amount of product. This unique shaped brush is lightweight and I think that stops me from using this with a heavy hand. I definitely recommend using the Yachiyo Brush with pigmented blushes like Nars Orgasm and Mac chatterbox it also is great for applying the Nars … Highlighter. But I have noticed when using blushes that are not as pigmented it takes me much longer to see the colour pay off with this brush.

I have thoroughly used this brush and I have seen the normal shedding of one or two hairs, and after washing the brush I haven’t seen any water damage. I am so glad I saved my pennies for this one as I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone, it’s easy to use and so different looking that it is a must have! I own many pigmented brightly coloured blushes and for that reason get great use out of this brush. I have to say Nars is one of my favourite beauty brands and it hasn’t let me down so far …


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