Five Goals For May

Five Goals For May

Hello lovelies!

In addition to the odd monthly favourites posts, I thought a post on my goals for the next month would be a good read too! I can’t emphasise enough how important self-reflection and self-care is in someones life, this is a good post to reflect on the previous month and consciously work towards personal goals for the next month.

Here’s my 5 goals for May:

01. Cutting out them sugary drinks


For some reason it’s easier to order a diet coke than a bottle of water, drinking sugary drinks easily become a habit that’s tough to cut out. After realising how much I reach for fizzy drinks with my meals, I’ve tried to make a more conscious choice to cut them out of my diet – I did try and get my mum to do the same but she failed after two days (gosh mum). Don’t get me wrong, now that it’s getting semi-hot, there’s nothing better than a chilled can of coke or 7up, drinking water all the time can get quite boring, so I do let myself have the odd day where I have a more sugary drink whether that be a j20 or a rubicon mango. However, my main goal of May is to continue to try to cut out sugary drinks from my diet. Without wanting to sound like a typical skincare blog, we all know the benefits of drinking water and I can honestly say I have seen results from drinking more water. I can’t wait to continue to cut out sugary drinks from my diet, and see how much I progress

02. Write in my diary EVERY night


There’ll be weeks where I write in my diary every single night without fail, and others where I barely even touch it. Growing up, I used to be a big diary writer, it was such a good way to reflect on my day. Without my acknowledgement it allowed me to have platform of memories and moments that I can look back on with a flick of a few pages. Digging out some of my old diaries and reading moments that I shared with my dad that have completely gone out of my mind, was a real eye opener to me. I used to think that I could only write in my diary if I did something really big and amazing that day, but the truth is, in the long run, it’s the small things that matter. Yes, the big achievements are important, but the small moments that can be captured by your words at the time are just as important. My goal for May is to write in my diary every single night, reflect on my day and fill the page with trivial nonsense which I can smile about in years to come.

03. Post on the blog once a week

I’ve touched on this a few times, I really want to be more consistent on the blog so there is definitely a post up once a week. I think once my exams are out of the way, posting more regularly will be easier for me, but nevertheless I am trying to plan posts ahead so I have atleast one post going live every week! I have two of my four A level Psychology exams (have you read my stay at home gap year post?), in May so it’s going to be quite a revision-packed month but I hope to keep my content on the blog up!

04. Read ONE book

I’m actually in a bit of a reading slump atm, it’s sad because it’s such an important hobby of mine but it often gets neglected and even though my TBR jar hasn’t reduced in the slightest, reading is one of those things I go through phases with, depending on how busy I am. But it is my aim to read ATLEAST one book this month!

05. Allowing myself a break

This is such an important one and goes hand in hand with my previous goal, regardless how busy we are with our lives, we are ALL entitled to a break. We should never feel guilty about taking some time out for ourselves, this is so important for me especially during exam time and it’s something I constantly have to remind myself of!


What are your goals for May?

With Love,





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