We are nearing the end of Ramadhan and i have genuinely loved these past few weeks! Lots of people think we are torturing ourselves by not eating and not drinking water. I wish i could explain how I feel, how i look forward to this blessed month and when it nears to an end how sad i become.

Ramadhan teaches us discipline, patience, love and happiness.

It allows us to cleanse our bodies but cleanse spiritually too … You get into a habit of missing prayer sometimes and putting some time aside to reflect and give thanks to God for providing so much for you.

In this beautiful month i make time to pray all my prayers, i take time out to read the Quran and understand and learn new things about Islam.

Its refreshing getting up at 3am to make food for us to eat for our sehri, then being awake for our first prayer of the day! Which i think is the hardest to get up for normally.


We break our fast with dates and Zam Zam water, we then go to pray our next prayer.


It is so nice preparing to break your fast by cooking delicious things i know my husband will love. Aloo tikis, kebabs, samohseh, spring rolls, pakoreh, fruit chart, dhey bareh, fried chicken – all the good stuff!


I like to sit at the table and reflect before we break our fast, we give thanks to God for allowing us to get through the day! Especially when there are so many people out there with no food no water and we are just fasting for 19 hours and they might not even remember when they had their last proper meal!

Ramadhan reminds us of the less fortunate, it gives us self-control, discipline and makes us truly thankful for everything we have.


xx Sarah xx


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