Brow Gels

While pencilling in my eyebrows I thought hmmm I would write you a post on brow gels ..

I used to have such thick nicely shaped brows and I never really plucked or neatened them. I randomly started loosing hair I guess I would put it down to stress. Regardless, my eyebrows well what ws left of them became unruly – pointing in every direction!, very sparse and I disliked them.

I then started looking into what I could use and that was when I came across Benefit Speed Brow. Benefit said it would tint, tame and set my brows, and that sounded like heaven to me. A tint to darken and therefore thicken my eyebrows and tame to keep them in one direction – looking neat.

When i opened the box I was disappointed with the size it was so small maybe a little bigger than my small finger?! However, I was desperate and I decided to give it a try. The Benefit Speed Brow is applied using a spoley brush, so every morning I used this product and waited for it to set. For the first week or so I didn’t notice much of a difference. But then after a few more weeks went by I felt like my eyebrows felt hardened by the gel and then once I would remove my makeup at the end of the day some hairs would fall out!! I obviously stopped using it! I was so unhappy a complete waste of £13

I then thought right spending money and going for a more known brand didn’t do the trick let me go for something more basic … So off I went to boots and stumbled across the Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara for £2.99. I trialled this as soon as, it didn’t make my brows feel hard and my hair wasn’t falling out thankfully but it just didn’t seem to hold my brows into place I would be forever looking in my compact mirror and getting my spoley and just brushing them back into position. (I ended up going to mac and buying their packs of disposable wands) 

For a while I just left my brows in their natural state until one day I was sieving through YouTube videos and one youtuber mentioned Eyeko Brow Gel who have won Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2013. So off I went to Selfridges straight to their beauty section and tried it there and then while walking to the counter to pay. Firstly I loved the packaging it looked like a little watercolour paint tube… It was also a good size I felt like I was getting a lot more product for the price which was £18. Yes i know it’s a lot but hey I was getting desperate! 

 This product has a small brush which is good to easily to apply enough product with more precision. The gel is coloured to fill in my brows and it said on the packet it contains keratin and ginkgo bilabo together with other proteins and vitamins which help to ‘condition, thicken and visibly improve the appearance of your brows’. Honestly there’s not a day that’s gone by since I purchased this gel that I haven’t used it, sometime I don’t even use my pencil and just use this it doesn’t fully fill in my brows to how I normally like them. But it gives them a natural look for my easy days or my running late days. They keep my unruly hairs in place without any stiffness and it lasts all day and I don’t have to keep checking on them. It’s only been a a few weeks but I am in love and I know this is a product I will certainly repurchase once it finishes. 

This is my first product I own from the Eyeko brand but I have watched slot of reviews on their mascara as and their eyeliners and I think I might have to make another trip back to Selfridges and I will most probably be walking out with a little yellow bag … 



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