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I’m back again 🙂 … With a hair product review, but I guess I should give you a little insight into my hair first … 

I’ve always had quite long hair and lots of it! There was a time where I could use any shampoo’s and conditioners out there and have all these lovely aromas coming from my hair but I have eczema and before I knew it it was in my scalp and I became very sensitive to all sorts of lotions and potions even though I was fine with them before. Then it was unscented medicated shampoos for me I’ve tried them all polytar, t-gel, nizoral and now alphosyl which is working wonders. But unfortunately they make me smell so herbally and not very nice. They would dry out my hair and my hair would just look so horrible and straw like. I was too scared to use conditioners because my eczema is quite temperamental and I just didn’t want to set it off.

But recently I was gifted on my birthday with Aussie Hair Products …

Aussie Luscious. Long Hair Shampoo and Conditioner and the Aussie 3- Minute Miracle Deep Hair Treatment

And oh my gosh! I’ve read reviews watched youtube videos Aussies products are the best, they are meant to work wonders. My hair is long and so i thought it was cute how these products were specifically for longer hair … They smell divine!! It contains ‘Australian Blue Mountain Blend’ and it says on the bottle and I quote ‘ helps turn your long hair into a soft, luscious, swingy curtain of gorgeousness’ … I just think it’s very cute and smart how they have worded the products, it did entice me to use it there and then – and this is coming from a person who avoids hair products like the plague.!! I wasn’t feeling too brave I still have yet to use the Shampoo, but I have tried the deep treatment and the conditioner and my hair smells so scrumptious and it looks so healthy, shiny and soft. There hasn’t been a day I haven’t used these products since I started <3

(I have recently just had a cut, my hairdresser did, as usual, get abit snappy and chopped off more than I wanted. My hair was down to my belly button before this!)

I’ve seen you can buy Aussie from many shops, boots, superdrug, tesco, wilkinsons and many more… And this is a product I will most definitely be repurchasing!!

How cute are the kangaroos on the bottles?!



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