Family Time

Family Time

Although we don’t celebrate Christmas, it hold’s good memories for all of us, as it’s the time of year where my Dad would be off work so we’d always make the most of spending time with a family.


My eldest sister, her husband and their son came to visit Manchester and we decided to take advantage of the festive season and go to the Christmas Markets. To be fair, we very rarely buy anything from the markets (bare the odd pancakes smothered in Nutella because how can you not?).

Sonya and I might have got a little too confident in thinking we could incorporate the outing with a blog photoshoot, with a 6-month-old baby, a pram and the cold weather it didn’t quite happen to plan. Nevertheless, we managed to get a few pictures!

As it get’s dark quicker during this time of year, the lighting didn’t help us but we tried!


(This picture was taken in Starbucks as my sister and I tried to take ‘ au naturalle’ shots, the flash went off and everyone looked at me and I went bright red, we are amateurs)


I’m loving the pinafore trend at the moment, I’ve got this pinafore in three colours now, but this is by far my favourite! This burgundy colour shouts autumn/winter to me so it’s a must for this time of year.

I paired it with a blue and white stripy top and tights and I really liked the whole feel of this outfit.


Pinafore – Dorothy Perkins

(We couldn’t work out how to stop the flash going off, so once we got over the initial embarrassment, I was determined to get some decent pictures so we just went with it. In doubt, act oblivious!)

Like I said, it was extremely cold that day and it was tough to keep my nephew entertained, it’s a good thing he can’t talk otherwise, I’m pretty sure he thought we were all crazy.


Coat – Primark (last winter)

Shoes – Topshop (last season)


You got to give it to us, though, we didn’t stop trying! The whole evening we carried on taking pictures, despite the eye-rolls from my mum and my brother-in-law and the awkward stares from the public, we never gave up.

Looking back at these pictures make me laugh so much because every picture reminds me of how I looked at Sonya and she was constantly nodding with approval at my posing, she’s the best.

With Love,

Sophie (round of applause for Sonya and mine’s continuous effort)


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