Wedding and all that jazz #2

Wedding and all that jazz #2

I’m back again!

This time I’m sharing the outfit I wore to the wedding! This nude jacket outfit is actually a hand-me-down and honestly I didn’t expect to get as many compliments on it as I did. Little did everyone know, it’s been passed down amongst us sisters for years!

I’m always hesitant to wear this shade of nude as I don’t want it to wash me out but actually I think it really suited me! I kept this whole look super minimal mainly because I couldn’t be bothered (typical). I wore long silver earrings which my mum lent to me and silver heels and some plain silver bangles (choooooriyan) and thats it!

It was a really lovely event and the stage was so pretty!

(fyi – 3 aunty-gee’s decided to stare at me while my mama took this picture against the pretty wallpaper in the ladies toilets – oh the joy!)

With love,

Soph x


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