the skirt combo

the skirt combo

If anyone knows anything about me, they know how much I loveeeee a good skirt.

I’m not really a ‘dress’ type of girl and would always opt for a midi skirt for any kind of event. Whenever I see a good skirt, I have to pick it up, it’s something which is so elegant and easy to put together. It acts as the perfect statement for any outfit! During the post-Christmas sale, my mum spotted this amazing skirt in Miss Selfridge, it went down from £50 to £20 so we didn’t even need to consider it! Usually my mum throws in the ‘do you have anywhere to wear it?’ question which always makes me second-guess whether I need the skirt or not, but this time she didn’t! Which is good because in truth I really didn’t have anywhere to wear it, my skirt collection is honestly growing so much (I should do a skirt collection soon!) but it’s something which I think is really flattering. For someone who is pretty short (my sisters love to pick on me for this), skirts can either drown you or make you look frumpy, BUT if you manage to get the skirt of the right length you’re winning!

When we decided on Sarah’s baby shower I knew for sure I wanted to wear this skirt (considering it had been 3 months since I bought it, I thought it was the right time) but I was really struggling with what top to pair it with. In fairness the outfit itself was pretty OTT for a simple baby shower at Sarah’s house but I was determined to wear this skirt – I mean it had been 3 months since I bought it! Usually, I can just have a rummage through my wardrobe and find either a plain top or cropped jumper to pair with it, but nothing I had complimented the skirt enough.

I was working at Selfridges at the time leading up to the baby shower and came across this beautiful lace up back pink sweater and had to pick it up! It was the perfect shade of pink (that is in trend so much atm!) and it fit and matched perfectly! The back detailing is so beautiful and just added the touch to the skirt that was needed!

I got so many compliments on the day and it was just the perfect outfit! I loved it.


With love,


Soph x


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