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This is my first time using my new camera, the Olympus Pen Epl7! It took me just over a year of adding money to my ‘new camera’ pot and finally I managed to save up a lot (thanks to my family for adding the spare change whenever I conveniently placed the jar in front of them). A full review will definitely be coming soon, but as for now I am so pleased with it!

I’m beginning to draft this post on Saturday (24th June) and the annual debate of when Eid will fall on has begun (oh the joy).

The Decor

This year like last year I really wanted to decorate the house for Eid, nothing crazy extravagant but a little something. So I took to Amazon and ordered some ‘Eid Mubarak’ silver balloons for the next day. It was super super easy to assemble, all the letters came together and it came with some ribbon and a straw to blow each letter up individually. (Please note: Instructions for this was not provided and I was not told not to blow balloons up whilst fasting, having known this I wouldn’t have blown the balloons up till I was blue in the face three hours before breaking my fast, just for future reference).

I loved how it came out! It was perfect and added the special touch needed for Eid day.

Alongside the balloons, during Ramadan I managed to go to John Lewis which had a sale on and picked up a tablecloth and napkins to use on Eid! I didn’t actually manage to get any pictures of the table except this one..but hopefully you get the idea! Also you must be all wondering what that red thing is being the table? I bought a tent for my 1 year old nephew for Eid!

Yesterday at iftari Mum decided we should have an automated message sent out when Eid is, to save ringing around mosques at 11pm waiting to know whether we should marinate the chicken or not! To be fair, it’s a pretty good suggestion but at the same time it will probably never happen. (Also, me and Mum have mastered taking pictures together..it helps we are basically the same height too!)

The Mehndi

I just got my mehndi done from the lovely Aalia (@themehndifairy on IG), honestly she was the most loveliest lady I’ve met and I’m so glad I booked her to do mine and my families mehndi. I absolutely fell in love with her intricate mehndi design she posted a while ago on her IG and was lucky enough to get it recreated for my Eid mehndi. I’m so happy with the results and will definitely be booking her again in the future! (Thanks again Aalia!)

This year I bought my Eid outfit from a stall from Stockport market, it came unstitched so I sent it to my tailor to stitch for me. Scrolling through Instagram and looking at everyone’s Eid outfits and all I saw was wide leg trousers and skirts! Fortunately for me I joined in and made wide palazzo pants to go with my suit.

I had pearls all over the suit and honestly it was lovely. I haven’t ever had a suit in this style before, I always tend to run away from wide leg pants in thoughts that it will only shrink me further, but luckily for you in these pictures I wore heels! (which is a rarity, you’re welcome)

So many people this year at work asked me how I would spend Eid, what were the traditions and what was the day spent doing. In all honestly, I had to just giggle at them and tell them, we cook food and get dressed up, head in the garden for some pictures (we are a little picture-obsessed in our family) and then sit down and don’t get up again! Alhumdulilah our table was filled with so much amazing food this Eid and throughout Ramadan itself.

I recently got my hair cut a good 5 inches, because it defo needed a good refresh! I’m loving it so far and I decided to curl the ends with my straightener and do a dutch braid at the front of my hair to change things up a bit! I used to experiment with so many different hairstyles with braids and buns etc yet I haven’t done it in so long so enjoyed doing this on Eid.

If you celebrated Eid, how did you spend your day?

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