You know that you’ve got a problem when you spend your Monday blogging about your favourite month.

The truth is, it’s a given that the month of your birthday is your favourite month of the year, so really it’s not that crazy right?


To be honest, there are a million reasons why November is my favourite month ever, but I’ve managed to ruthlessly narrow the list down to my most important reasons:

My Birthday:
This is pretty self-explanatory, whether you have anything planned for your birthday or not, there’s always the underlying excitement nearing your birthday; I’m 19 this year (It’s NEXT Monday, got that? NEXT MONDAY). Although I don’t really have anything massive planned, I still find myself reminding my close ones (mainly my Mum and Yasmine) how close it is till my birthday.

Hot Chocolate:
My addiction to hot chocolate, specifically Whittard’s White Hot Chocolate, (I recently introduced it to my best friend and she loves it!).
I’m not a fan of much sweet things so it’s a bit of a surprise that I reach for this, but it’s an amazing flavour, not too sweet not too sickly, this perfect mixture comes alive in the next few months. It goes from being a want to a need, making a hot chocolate in my favourite mug and taking it upstairs to bed, is my new FAVE thing to do.

Fluffy Socks:
This is pretty much a given, fluffy socks are amazing (especially the ones from Primark!), my love for fluffy socks comes to the surface especially during November with all my other comfy clothes – like my trusty dressing gown, that everyone in my house is sick to death of me wearing.

Bonfire Night:
Bonfire night is easily one of my favourite celebrations, ever. I absolutely love fireworks and capturing amazing pictures of them in action. Most/if not all of my memories from Bonfire Night are filled with Dad taking us all to Barking Park and standing us outside the gates (to avoid paying the fee to watch the firework show) and spending the evening in awe of the fireworks. I’m hopefully going to get sparklers this bonfire night and do some in the garden with the family and I just CANNOT wait.

Here are some pictures from last years Bonfire Night:




As you can see, I have a bit too much fun taking pictures of fireworks.

My Mums Birthday:
I’m sure all of you can agree that seeing your mum happy is an amazing feeling, and although my siblings and I try to spoil our mum all year round, on her birthday we all make an extra effort! My mum’s birthday is a few days after mine so we usually share any birthday celebrations and I can’t wait for her to see all the presents we’ve got her this year.

I live for winter clothing, I feel so out of place in my Summer wardrobe and we barely get any hint of summer in the UK anyway but the moment the season begins to change and it starts to get colder, the more comfier my wardrobe becomes and I love it. I love layering and wearing jumpers and being completely as ease in my clothes. I’m currently loving all the Primark jumper collection.(Primark haul blog post soon?)


What do you love about November?


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