My birthday was last Monday, and birthdays are honestly one of my favourite occasions, whether it’s mine or someone close to me, I love the excitement nearing someone’s birthday.


When we lived in London we had a family meal on the weekend nearest to the person’s birthday. It was almost like a small tradition, where we would celebrate everyones birthday on the weekend, with my Dad at our usual restaurant (on Green Street – typical), and honestly it is one of the traditions I look back on the most with a smile on my face.
At the time it was something so simple, but looking back on it now, it’s the simplest of moments, which you hold onto the most.

Since moving to Manchester, we all try to keep up with each others birthdays and try to do a family meal to celebrate them too.

November is the month FULL of birthdays in our family, meaning cake cutting and singing happy birthday comes in abundance.


After I came back from work, me and Mum went to Tesco to pick up a birthday cake and the nicest one there was, was a Frozen one..don’t judge.

Tbh, it was pretty nice and I am not a fan of cakes so yay!

I was lucky enough to be given some beautiful gifts for my birthday – which I will treasure for ever along with amazing memories.

The next day, Sarah took both my Mum and I to Slattery’s for Afternoon Tea;

We had tea and hot chocolate and little sandwiches and scones, it was all very cute and honestly an afternoon full of much-needed quality time.


Downstairs they had a HUUGE shop, with cakes and personalised chocolate, it was all very grand and we spent every moment in there, ‘ooo’ing at the unique desserts they had (especially my mum, she’s big on the ‘wow’s’).


Are any of your birthday’s coming up? What do you have planned?



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