I Graduated!

I Graduated!

A collective sigh of relief is needed before starting this post. It feels so unbelievably satisfying to know that I’ve finally graduated! Third-year was a gruelling year full of endless library visits, stressful meetings with my dissertation mentor and lots of reading. Everyone’s dissertation has a slightly different process than yours but nevertheless its a long and windy road to the final product. At Keele, there were many ‘mini’ deadlines along the semesters to ensure we were working at the best pace possible throughout. What started off as a small mindmap of ideas in my first dissertation meeting, ended up being a 10,000-word dissertation that I’ve never been more happy with.

I handed in my disso towards the end of my final semester and ended up being completely burnt out for a good few weeks. I had worked so hard towards my final piece that it felt surreal that in the space of 20 mins I had it bound and handed into the office.

I attached some pictures below from my Graduation party which was on the weekend of my graduation (looking at the pictures makes me miss it SO much).

Marquee: The Party Tent Company

Decor: Me! PicturePerfEvents (on IG) – my new business venture!

Biscuits: LittleMissBakes (on IG)

Desserts: HoneyCombDesserts (on IG)


Below are snippets from the Kids Table – I have in total 6 (nieces and nephews) so I knew I definitely wanted to make this a fun get-together for them so I had a separate little table set up for them with pastel themed table decor and mini party hats!

Dress: Asos

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Rings: Pandora


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if anyone is currently working on their dissertation – you can do it!!!

With love,





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