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Let me give you an insight to where I am right now, I’m currently sat at my desk, in my joggers, whilst waiting for my cuppa to cool off I’ve decided to plod away at my laptop to share my favourites of this month with you!


So without further ado, my favourites! 

Primark: Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray (£0.80)


a) This is from Primark,
b) It’s £0.80p.

Need I say more?

No honestly, it works so well. I constantly keep my nails well maintained, with new colours and freshly filed etc, but my ultimate pet hate is waiting for my nail polish to dry, before this I was spending £11 on a nail drying spray from Amazon, which I couldn’t live without, but after discovering this, I won’t be going for anything else!
I paint my nails, top it with a top coat (preferably Barry M’s plump top coat) and spritz this over my nails and it dries within seconds. There’s nothing worse than freshly painting your nails and smudging them 5 seconds after (it’s happened too many times to me)

Fox and Star: Weekly Times Desk Planner (£11.95)


I stumbled across this company on Instagram (as you do).
Now, my love for stationary is a bit absurd but the little girl in me never fails to come out when I’m amongst stationary, I love buying new pens and notebooks and this desk planner is amazing.
I’ve had this for a few months now and I’d say I’m just under half way through it!
Before I had this, I used to be drowned in an endless clutter of ‘to-do lists’, but this allows me to plan my week ahead, with enough room to set out individual tasks I want to tackle that day.
It’s no doubt that November was a busy busy month for me (and December looks even busier!), this came in really handy to plan out my days and stay calm and less stressed.
I definitely recommend it for those stress-heads like me, it would be a perfect Christmas present and I’m keeping this and the other desk planners from Fox and Star in mind when picking Christmas presents.

Ted Baker: Bow Bracelet

This was a present for my birthday, from my family. I love bows, tbh I think all us sisters do (as you can tell from Sarah’s Bow shoes post), theres something so cute and girlie about bows and this ted baker bracelet is beautiful! It acts as a subtle jewellery piece and brings together any outfit.I’m so happy with it, thank you again to my family for gifting me with it. I. Love. It.

Primark: Tan Ankle Boots (£12)


These boots were a crazy buy, after walking around in the treacherous rain for what felt like hours (it was probably 30 minutes), my suede ankle boots were soaked through, beyond soaked, they were DRENCHED.
So I ran into Primark for a quick-fix pair of boots, I reached for these leather ones. I have a thing for tan boots, and these are amazing, I love that the colour goes with absolutely anything, and I’ve been wearing them endlessly since I’ve got them!

Maybelline: Lash Sensational


After hearing the whole of Youtube rave on about this mascara, I decided to pick it up in my nearest boots to see what the hype was about..and I think I’ve joined the crowd of people raving about this!
I’m big on mascara, like I love putting mascara on and the effect you can get with it, this mascara is different to the usual ones I use, because it focuses purely on volumising your lashes, it creates such a full effect and I’ve been using it throughout November and I’ll definitely be carrying it through to December!

Soap and Glory: Archery Brow Pencil (£7.99)

 There’s not much to say about this, other than the fact that it’s affordable and great.
The thin pencil means you can fill in your brows with less mistakes because you have more control and the sprooly brush on the end is SO strong and perfect.
As well as it being a perfect size to carry with you, it’s just overall a great product.

Topshop: Sleeveless Blazer (£40)

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 13.25.26

This sleeveless blazer, mm. It’s so beautiful, you can literally throw it on and instantly your outfit gives off the allusion that you have your life together, because it gives off such a sophisticated awe and I love it, it was in the sale from £65 to £40! I never usually buy much from Topshop because I think there prices are a bit ridiculous, but I went in and fell in love with this blazer, so convinced myself to buy it as an early present from moi to moi (does that even count as a good enough excuse?)

EOS: Lip Balm

 Now, I’m not really big on the lip balms or lip products really, I just stick to my Cetraben cream and think no more.
But recently, my mum kindly gifted me with two EOS lip balms when she returned from Hong Kong and I honestly never really saw myself using them as often as I have.
Out of the two, my favourite is the dark berry one, because its scent is beautiful and it works really well.
Thank you Mum!
(I know you’ll be reading this – my no1 fave)

Liz Earle: Rosemary and Rock Rose Hand Repair (£21.00) 

I’ve become a HUGE Liz Earle fan, for me this is a big thing, as i don’t really care for brands or stick with them as much, but their products have honestly worked wonders on my skin and helped me to maintain a skincare routine that I actually stick to, their products offer instant results and they really, are value for money.
This hand repair was a new edition to their collection and I decided it would be a good purchase for me and my nanny to use.
My nanny is BIG on skin care and she absolutely loves it, the way it moisturises your hands is amazing and the formula of it is perfect because it’s not greasy at all.
Defo worth the money spent!

Ball Earrings

Okay, I can’t really pinpoint where this fascination of these type of earrings arose from. But I’m sure not complaining!
These earrings have now become the new trend and you can find them at most stores, which is great.
After getting my second piercing done, I’ve started to look for earrings with more detail and these are so unusual and look so good on, I love them.
My collection is built up from gifts from Sarah and ones I’ve found myself, these are a bit of a love-hate kind of addition to my jewellery collection, but I definitely love them!

Literature: Lang Leav’s Memories

I am a book fanatic, although I haven’t had much time to read as many books as I’d love to, but I still love reading novels but I have a different love for poetry, Lang Leav’s Memories is a collection of poems and they are utterly beautiful. They’re amazing read and amazingly written, here’s one of my favourites:

Last but not least, my final favourite..

Apple: iphone 6


This month, I upgraded from the iphone 4s to the 6, so a very big jump!
This is such a good phone, I never realised how small and slow my old phone was until I got used to this phone! I love the camera on it, it’s so clear and means I don’t have to always lug my camera around to get a good picture, I love how you can use your fingerprint to unlock the phone (it’s very James Bond-esque and I like that so much!).
My favourite thing about is, is that I don’t have to struggle to see it, it’s so much bigger than my old phone and I don’t need to reach for my glasses to see my phone yay!

That’s all the things that I’ve been loving for the past month!

What have been your favourites of November?
Let me know in the comments below!



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