Time for some reflecting

The short period between Christmas and New Years people usually spend reflecting on the past year and what they vow to change in the upcoming year. 

So it’s time to be honest. 

This whole blogging business is a crowded place to join, we are most certainly still getting used to blogging and still finding our own personalities within our blog.

 I think it’s amazing that we’ve put our hobby into action and made our own creative outlet. 

It’s crazy for me that I share a small place on the internet with my sisters where we can share our lifestyles, our changes, our reviews, our style and so much more! 

We’ve decided to seize the upcoming new year as a chance to progress with our blog and be more consistent on both our blog and Instagram (a bit of self promo: follow us on Instagram @stambroise for frequent posts!)

We are all naturally busy with our lives, but we are hoping to make a conscious effort to be more consistent with the blog in the new year and I’m so excited! 

Although, I think New Years resolutions are extremely pointless because no one actually follows through with them, I’m grabbing the opportunity to make a change with my content, I definitely want to work on my content in my blog posts and be truly proud of what I put up, this is my aim for 2016 and I hope I fulfil it!

Taking a break from blogging has helped us to have a breather and also work on bigger and better posts for the new year and I can’t wait to share them all with you! 

With such busy lives, both my sisters are married and I am currently on a gap year, it’s easy to get caught up on our daily routines and let our hobbies slide, this is our hobby and I am so proud to say we have managed to start up this blog, now it’s a matter of keeping it up! 

Look forward for many more blog posts coming in the new year! 

I hope all who celebrated had an amazing Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

With love, 



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