Where have I been?! 

Hello again … I’m back to confess that I have been terrible at blogging and just taking time out to write how I feel and what I have been up to hasn’t been the easiest as of late.

Where I work is very busy during Christmas and New Years, and at home the holidays is where family comes over and you are busy entertaining, cooking, celebrating … It’s not just been Xmas and New Years it was my husbands 30th birthday and our 2 year anniversary. It felt like non stop celebrations and it was!


—- XMAS —-


We celebrated Christmas the way everyone else does, with a roast dinner and lots of chilling and of course our little Christmas tree.


On Boxing Day we managed to hit the sales in town! I had every intention of finding some new coat coats and I did just that! (If you could see me now – I have a very pleased face ) I have been searching for coats since the Autumn/winter collections had come out but just couldn’t find something that I loved. But Zara of course the amazing Zara managed to help me out! I found both coats and it didn’t even take me that long and both were in the sale too! Bonus!!

I wanted a navy blue one with some type of colour for a casual everyday type of coat. This was 49.99 in the sale.

And then I also wanted a nice black formal-ish coat to replace my beloved Reiss cape coat. This coat was 89.99.


I just love how different they are and how warm they are and I just love them !!



Then it was my husbands 30th birthday and that comprised of lots of surprises, baking and cooking. It started off with a surprise lunch at work, dinner with family, a trip to the lakes with the whole family and one more surprise which he doesn’t know about just yet so unfortunately I can’t say much right now but I am sure a blog post about it will follow soon 🙂


It was our second wedding anniversary! Some say it takes a year and after that you will know that person fully. I don’t agree with that, I feel like every year I have learnt that bit more about my other half, more about our relationship and we have grown together and I can now say we are a good team alhumdulillah.

Anyway, (sorry about that soppy-ness) we had decided after work we would go for dinner at a Thai restaurant as we have both been missing the food very much. We went to a restaurant called try Thai which was really nice, staff were friendly and the food was good, I mean not quite how Thailand food was but close enough 🙂

My husband gifted me with so many things, a Daniel Wellington watch, a jar of Nutella with my name on it and a Lego architect of Big Ben.

As lame as you may think, I actually chose that Lego thing, I enjoy building making and being creative and after playing with my cousins I felt like I just wanted something to make myself – it’s therapeutic I will have you know!

Then after all those celebrations, it takes us to where we are now… Busy with working life and waiting patiently for the next birthday surprise eeeeewwkkkk!

Now I have posted this I think I should post my Thailand adventure for you I think it’s about time right?!

~~~ Sarah ~~~


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