DISCLAIMER: This blog post involves A LOT of products from Ikea!


After revising my life away for my A2 exams, the one ounce of hope helping me through the end of, what felt like the longest stretch of exams…EVER, was knowing I could have a massive clear-out and update my cluttered room (Boy it needed it).

Not getting through to my last exam due to spending two nights in hospital, left me feeling unmotivated, unproductive and unhappy. Holding one to the vision of a de-cluttered room, I ran to Ikea in need of a complete new bedroom setting.

It was time to say goodbye to the purple themed room my 13 year old self was set on and move to a neutral setting, after all a 19 year old can’t be rocking purple bedding, lamp, curtains, can she? (No, she can’t).

After many trips to Ikea and back, we finally picked up a new desk, bed, and storage unit!



For me, a workspace is a vital part of a bedroom, so I wanted mine to be perfect, fit with an amazing stationary selection (of course).


I have so many pens and pencils and bits and pieces, which I wanted to present nicely on my desk without looking cluttered. I picked up these candleholders from Ikea, while my mum was joyfully running around looking at the picking the ‘perfect’ scent of candle to add to the ever-growing collection.


The ‘Tough Love’ prints from ‘Sighhdesigns’ are perfect, they match my humour exactly, and I smile whenever I read one of them, having them near my workspace means I am constantly able to create a positive feel! After all…’life goes on & on & on on regardless’.


I love the detailing of these, they fit seamlessly with the rest of my workspace theme.

Next. The desk.


The desk, is a major part of completing a workspace, a small desk can easily create a cluttered room, a large desk can just as well take over the bedroom. With a small/medium sized bedroom like mine, the ultimate challenge was choosing a desk that wouldn’t over power my bedroom.


I picked up this rack which I placed on top of my desk, this has two shelves that are adjustable to be at different heights, this is amazing! It means I can have my books on show, as well as a place for my stationary to be. Best of both worlds? I think so.

Finally, the bed.


I love my bed. My bed is easily my favourite part of my bedroom, I decided on this Hemnes bed (again from Ikea!), paired with primark bedding of course! It’s the perfect combination. Wouldn’t you agree?

A bedroom takes a lot of work and in my case, endless trips to Ikea to complete the perfect room. I still have a few final touches, but the main parts of my room are complete, and I couldn’t be happier!

Have any of you re-decorated your room?



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